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Lisa Luginbühl is a Swiss independent service provider and owner of LU Productions (individual company). She specializes in digital content of various kinds.


  • UGC photos and videos for brand campaigns and paid advertising on social media.

  • Video and photo productions in general for websites and social media use.


  • We are the only provider of eCards, digital greeting and invitation cards in the legendary style of MadeWithLoveCards.

LU Productions: Your partner for effective UGC marketing

Welcome to LU Productions, your expert for user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing. In today's digital landscape, authentic and trustworthy content is more important than ever. Consumers are increasingly relying on content created by other users to make informed purchasing decisions. This is where LU Productions comes in. Our goal is to help brands create material through effective UGC content (reels, posts, photos, videos and text) that can be used, for example, to successfully shape their paid ads strategy.


What is user-generated content (UGC)?


User-generated content refers to all types of content that are created by users and not by brands. This includes social media posts, paid ads, reviews, testimonials, photos, videos and more. UGC is extremely effective because it is authentic and credible. It shows real experiences from people using your product, which builds consumer trust and loyalty.


The importance of visual UGC


Visual UGC, such as photos and videos, plays a central role in modern marketing. This type of content is particularly influential because it shows a brand's products and services in a real-life context. At LU Productions, we help you create visual UGC campaigns that engage your target audience and present your brand in an authentic and appealing way. Whether through influencers or your own customers, visual content has a powerful impact and can significantly increase conversion rates.

Use influencer UGC


Influencers play an important role in the creation and distribution of UGC. Influencer UGC offers the advantage of being not only authentic, but also far-reaching. Influencers have an engaged following that trusts their recommendations, which helps your brand gain visibility and credibility.

Customer testimonials and user photos: The power of real experiences


Video testimonials and photos are crucial for building trust. They offer potential customers an insight into others' experiences with your products or services. At LU Productions, we collect and present customer testimonials in a way that wins the trust of new customers. Complemented by user photos - real photos of your customers using your products - we create a powerful image that shows how your brand works in everyday life.


Social proof: trust through community


Social proof is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. It is the effect that people tend to follow the actions and decisions of others. At LU Productions, we use social proof to strengthen your brand. By producing customer reviews, user photos and testimonials for your website and on your social media, we create an environment of trust. Consumers see that others love your products and are therefore more inclined to buy as well.

Collaboration with UGC Creator Lisa Lu Style


UGC Creators are users who can be booked to create organic and authentic content for your brand. At LU Productions, we work with experienced model, presenter and creator Lisa Lu Style to produce charmingly presented and fact-based content. This collaboration allows you to receive a continuous source of high quality content that supports your marketing goals. 


Why LU Productions?


LU Productions is your reliable and professional partner for UGC creation, conceptual consulting, supervision, professional photography and video, as well as copywriting of all kinds. We know how to create authentic content. 



In a world where consumers increasingly value authenticity and trust, user-generated content is an indispensable tool in the marketing mix. LU Productions offers you the expertise and resources to exploit the full potential of UGC. From visual content to influencer collaborations to customer reviews, we know how to use UGC effectively to strengthen your brand and achieve your goals.


Contact us today to learn how LU Productions can help you transform your marketing strategy through the power of user-generated content. Let's work together to tell your customers' authentic stories and build a strong, trusted br


with influencer Lisa Lu

Add emotion to your marketing with a Factcharm* post on Instagram via Lisa Lu Style's channel or as a UGC production. Lisa creates content with the sent product or visits your location personally for a video production. 

PRODUCT TYPES: natural cosmetics, fashion, shoes, jewelry, accessories

SHOPS: restaurants, cafes, boutiques, hotels, medical beauty, therapy

*FactCharm means a charming transmission of facts and information.


user generated content for Avea supplement brand. Woman who is dancing in good mood.

& Productions

Video Productions see below


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Lisa Lu user generated content for Avea brand.



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Lisa Lu for Lavilin



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Lisa Lu for Thema Selection


Design by





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Lisa Lu for Maison Roberta Ferrari Ascona






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Lisa Lu user generated content for Taucherli Chocolate brand.





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Lisa Lu for Lindt Chocolate



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Lisa Lu for Ristorante Sensi Locarno




Bistro Café

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Lisa Lu for Belcafe Zurich





Commissioned productions by LU Productions

UGC & Docu for HRW ART

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